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Thanks for finding my site on the power of "Tribal Physics."

As a lover of fabrics, design, and traditional textiles, their origins within indigenous communities remain a constant source of inspiration to me - both professionally and personally. Also wildly obsessed with cuff bracelets and finding the perfect granola bar.

Growing up on a horse farm near the small surf town of Cocoa Beach, Florida (population approx. 11, 000), I’ve always had a natural affinity for wellness and "positive vibes." In many respects, friends in the subculture world of surfing first introduced me to the idea of tribal dynamics as I observed different psychodynamics over the years both personally & professionally.


As a former student of Marketing and Design, in my twenty-year sales career, I was already familiar with "tribalism" as a  marketing concept, and later I was able to see first-hand the results over the years applying the “Tribal Physics” philosophy as a best practices in business which assisted me in gaining traction as a top performer in my industry.



The idea of "brand tribalism" is nothing new. Research by academics expresses "Tribal Based Views" of brands as a shared belief of authenticity and a collective sense of belonging. In fact, many successful marketing gurus and brands (Apple, Benefit Cosmetics, MINI Cooper, Fenty Beauty, Harley Davidson) already adhere to these principles. 

But "tribal dynamics" goes much deeper than the latest marketing buzzword. From cultural linguistics to emotional intelligence, its basis is in behavioral science. As a Tribal Physics Leadership Coach, I completed my certification in "Tribal Physics;" Behavioral Science in 2014, after being mentored by Toby LaVigne (utilizing historical and cultural tribal wisdom, gained from his mentor whom studied with the Apache Indians as an anthropology major in the 1970’s. LaVigne, is the CEO of CleanMark Labels and “The Freedom Unschool”, his coaching style is really about "redefining success as contributing our purpose to others." My training with Toby has solidified my understanding of relationships with people, the planet, and my purpose. 

As a mother (of two extraordinary girls) I'm both a business entrepreneur and sustainable living advocate, involved with the Holistic Education Foundation, ASID, Rock Star Connect, and Business Casual Mastermind. Companies I've worked with or consulted include The Hackett Group, Urban Solar, Cowtan & Tout, Ebanista, Country Swedish, and Eleish Van Breems.


Thank you for joining me. 

I hope you're inspired to discover more about how “tribal physics” can work in your everyday relationships and I look forward to helping you along that path.




This transforming and empowering course built on best practices & intellectual property is designed to bring more flow,  a deeper connection, and an abundance of harmony into your relationships by learning to recognize the strengths in others through their lens or “tribal position”.


This timeless ancient knowledge will assist you in the development of more  partner centered “EQ” (emotional intelligence) by accessing behavioral science tools to thrive, engage with positivity and embrace the idea of oneness or “team humanity”.


The key take away will be understanding everyone's contribution to the tribe, just as the  American Indians were one with the earth & their tribe and conflated both in harmonious flow. The opportunity to become a part of something greater than ourselves lies here.


Welcome to the tribe!




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Dan Edward Miegel

Understanding our Relationship Dynamics, The Tribal Physics: Which is Your Lens?


The Tribal Physics Series: 

Diane introduces students to the world of tribal physics with the launch of her first relationship E-course, in the exclusive release of Love, the Tribal Physics. This is just Part I of her new innovative series covering a broad range of personal and professional relationship dynamics. The initial E-course will set the precedent of what dedicated students and followers can expect of the individual course offerings that Diane will provide as she moves forward in this highly anticipated relationship growth and development series.

In this exciting first chapter of the series, her center of attention is on the role that tribal physics plays in the complexity of a romantic relationship between you and your partner. Which side of the tribal map do you view the world from? Do you use the North, South, East, or West lens? What tribal direction is your partner facing? In seeking a romantic relationship, first know your tribal position. Knowing your tribal point of origin will help you select the partner whose tribal position of their own accord is likely to connect with yours to create a deeper level of intimacy. Connecting on this more intimate level will help you have more compassion and compatibility in the relationship with your partner. Diane will discuss this in greater detail in Love, The Tribal Physics.



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